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I begin most of my paintings outside in nature. Being at the site allows me to deeply experience the nature as I am painting it. There, I am influenced by the all the elements. I often push reality in my work in color and form, giving the paintings a sense life and movement that we may otherwise be only able to sense while being in nature.

My paintings are often composed to draw the viewer in to the painting so they will also deeply experience this natural world. Through my work the viewer’s consciousness of nature and the environment are seen through a lens they may have felt, but possibly not ever expressed. My paintings give the viewer a passage to be aware of our world in a reality we often feel, but may not communicate.

I am interested in how being in nature affects us, how we humans affect nature, and how oftentimes nature seems to defy human touch. Often, I am attracted to the powerful twisty forms of old oaks, orchards and vines. I admire their ability to live through the elements - droughts, storms, and great temperature differences. Giant rocks and wild ocean, peaceful lakes and shorelines, the delicate beauty of a wildflower and wild grasses, a certain color and cloud formation in the sky have allure for me, and can elicit deep emotions. All these elements have an amazing strength and beauty.

My paintings are completed in the studio.  In the studio, I mostly work from my feeling of being at the site, as I don’t use photo references. As I build up the painting and let it evolve, it often changes from the original scene, taking it's own direction. This is a very intuitive and introspective part of my process. The paintings can take months, even years to finish – until they finally feel 'right'.

My art materials are of high quality oil paints ground from pigments and linseed oil  - also close to nature.

maevecroghan@earthlink.net ~ www.maevecroghan.com