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By the Cove

Oil, 8″ x 16″ x 2″

Private Collection

September Cove Oil Magic Maniboajo Bay Oil Ft. Holmes Clouds Oil
Bluff Stormy Pine Oil Bluff Cedars & Old Pine Oil Green Blue Lake Oil
September Beach Roses Oil Campedour Pines Oil Beach Clouds Oil Thoreau's Arch Rock Oil
Stormy Dunes Oil Stormy Mad Moose Birch Oil Tranquil Beach Oil
Late August U.P. Oil Superior Rocks Meditation Oil Superior Log Slide Birch Oil
Windy Superior Oil August Field & Spruce Oil Sunny Mad Moose Birch Oil
Old Woman Bay Rocks Oil Superior Log Slide Dunes Oil Apple Asters Oil
Coneflower & Tansy Field Oil Curvy Beach Log Oil
By the Cove Oil Beach Apples Oil Pink Mackinac Mallows Oil
Sable Dunes Lake Oil 12 Mile Beach Oil Airport Chicory Oil
Autum Orchard Oil August Beach Oil Stonecliffe Pine Oil
Hollyhocks & Horse Oil Beach Cove Grasses Oil Quiet SableLake Oil Arch Rock Interwining Visions Oil
Dunescape Oil Stormy Superior Oil
Three Legged Beach Log Oil Fall Round Island Oil
Fort Holmes Fall Oil Grand Sable Dunes Oil
Manitoulin Rocks Oil Misty Maine Rocks Oil
Golden Fall Flowers Oil Magic Pond Oil
Porch View Oil Orphan Lake Oil Cedar Sand Lake Oil
Mackinac Cone Flower Field Oil Goldenrod Glow Oil Autumn Arch Rock Oil
Autumn Peaceful Lake Oil Lila Arch Rock Oil